Searching for names of father and grandfather of famous Russian poet Alexander Gitovich #russia

Phil Goldfarb

Looking for help in finding out the name of the Russian poet Alexaander Gitovich's father and better yet, grandfather. I believe that he is a maternal relative. The only thing that I found was this: 

GITOVICH Alexander Ilyich (1.III.1909, Smolensk - 9.YIII.1966, Leningrad), poet, translator. He began to print while still a schoolboy in the Smolensk newspapers "Working Way" and "Young Comrade". In 1927 he was accepted as a member of the Smolensk Association of Proletarian Writers (SAPP). Soon he left for Leningrad. Studied at the Faculty of Geography of Leningrad State University. He spent about 20 years translating classical and modern poets from Korea and China.

Any help would be appreciated.  Please write me back directly at: phil.goldfarb@... 

Thank you
Phil Goldfarb
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA

Yale Reisner

Ilyich means his father was Ilya. 

Yale J. Reisner
Warsaw, Poland
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