Searching for Pincus Gurolniski on Manifest #records

Mike Karsen

I have searched Steve Morse, Ancestry,... and cannot find Pincus
Gurolniski on any manifest even though I have his certificate of

Port of entry: Baltimore, Md.
Name: Pincus Gurolniski (Now Peter Gurolnick)
Date: May 5, 1905
Manner of arrival: SS. Hannover

I could not attach the actual document but if you would like to see
it, I would be glad to email it to you.

Mike Karsen
Deerfield, IL


Not sure if the person on line 18 is the correct one  -  very difficult to read this manifest.

If this is not the correct I would suggest going through page by page. It might be easier if you know the other people mentioned 

Dassy Wilen

Valentin Lupu

Hi Mark,
I am sending to your private email documents which I enhanced by using Photoshop.
Valentin Lupu