Searching for records in Odobesti and Bucharest, Romania #romania

Asher Nagler

I have found records in England of a relative, born in 1895 in Odobesti, Romania who came to England via France and was naturalised in 1928. At the time of his naturalisation, his parents and siblings, who lived with him in Odobesti until at least 1913, had moved to Bucharest. What records should I be looking for in Bucharest and Odobesti for these relatives, and how would I go about acquiring them? I also know that the relative who came over had a Romanian passport and birth certificate, would there be any record of the passport being issued, and how would I be able to see vital records from Odobesti and Bucharest in the early 20th century?
Asher Nagler
London, England


The Botosani research team has acquired the records of Odobesti up to 1904.
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Sorin Goldenberg

Michael Moritz

I would recommend also searching the JewishGen Romania database.  We have indexed almost all Bucharest marriage records from ca. 1865-1915.



Michael Moritz

Director, Romania Research Division


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