Searching information about my ggfather MICHAEL DORN #austria-czech

Mercedes Beatriz Demner

i'm Mercedes Demner, searching information about my ggfather MICHAEL DORN.
He was born in Putila, Bukovina, Austrian Empire.
I've not the year, and the same when he passed away.
He was married to an unknown woman, but they had five children.
Shaie Katz - unknown Katz - Ana Katz - Levy Katz - Pedro Katz twins born in 1872.
Levy Katz killed in 1942.
Pedro Katz died in  1956 
All were born in Putila.
All have had changed their last names for religious reasons. It seem that came from a rabbies families.
Many moved to U.S.A. Some to Israel, and my gfather came to Argentina
T.I.A. for your efforts trying help me in my search.
Mercedes Demner