Second Tiraspol Cemetery Project #bessarabia

Inna Vayner <innanes@...>

Dear Bessarabia SIG researchers,

We are starting second TIraspol cemetery project and need volunteers
who can translate/transcribe >from Russian. Please email me at
innanes@... and I will provide guidance and files to volunteers
on this project.

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cemetery project. Here is the link to Bessarabia SIG donations page:


Inna Vayner

VAYNER (Tiraspol), STUDENOVSKIY (Dubossary/Tiraspol), SHEYNFELD
(Kishinev/Tiraspol), SOBOL (Nezavertailovka/Tiraspol), Mayzler
(Nezavertailovka/Tiraspol), and DEKHTYAR(Odessa/Tiraspol)


Hello Inna Vayner,

As an French historian researching records upon Jews from Tiraspol who emigrated to Paris France since the 19th century, I would like to know if there will be a list of the Jewish cemetery of Tiraspol (Transnistria, Moldova) and where the records related to Jews of Tiraspol are today kept in Moldova.
Thank you very much by advance,
Very Truly Yours,
Patrice Markiewicz
3, rue Marcelin Berthelot

Phone: + 33 (0) 788498598.

Inna Vayner <innanes@...>

Hello Patrice, this project has been completed long time ago and all records are available in Jewishgen database. Records for Tiraspol Jewish residents are very limited and all that we were able to find have been already translated and digitized and is available in the Jewishgen database. Feel free to share information of the families you are researching and if I came across these families I will try to help with your research. Inna.


Dear Inna,

As you suggested it to me, you will find included in the attachments the list of the Jewish families from Tiraspol of whom I am looking forward to get information. Thank you in advance for all you will be able to verify in your lists for me.
Have a nice day and take care of yourself.
Very Sincerely Yours,
Patrice Markiewicz.