Seeking App for translating handwritten notes #general

Relly coleman

I have a number of hand written notes and documents in Polish that I woud like translating.  Can anyone recommend an app that can translate handwritten text? 
Relly Coleman

Audrey Levin

You may be able to do this in two steps with Google lens on your phone. First translate cursive and convert to written text. Then you can paste the text, or a reasonably small Word or Pdf document of Polish text to translate to English.

Audrey Levin

Ava (Sherlock) Cohn

Try putting it on Genealogical Translations on Facebook. You'll need to join the group first but they have translators who can handle many different languages and handwriting.
Best of luck.
Ava (Sherlock) Cohn
Long Grove, IL


Google lens translated German handwriting from jpg files that had both text and handwriting. I right-clicked on the image and them on "search with Google." Then a window opened up on the right side with a button for "translate." I discovered this totally by accident. The translations of handwritten entries may be a bit stilted, and some may not be exact,  but I was ale to get the gist of the documents. I used this to translate documents that were captured by a friend with an iPhone from a file in the Hamburg Staatarchiv.

Sandy Hahn Lanman
New Jersey