Seeking contact & link for Wloclawek archive #poland #records


I just learned that there may be family document in the Wloclawek archive.  They relate to survivors who, after the war, tried to establish the death of relatives during the war.  They may also have documents from before the war from Wloclawek and Dobrzyn nad Wisla. 

I can't find a link to: (a) search the Wloclawek archive online (b) a contact email to order document from the archive.

Would appreciate any help.

Relly Coleman
FELD Dobrzyn nad Wisla, Zakroczym
Wasserstein,  Wloclawek, Kutno, Mszczonów
Fudalowicz, Kutno, Zychlin


Dear Relly,

You can search the catalogue of the Wloclawek branch of the Polish State Archives on the PSA main website here:  You can narrow down by archive.

It's not the most intuitive website to navigate though so you might find it easiest to email them regarding your enquiry.

I would recommend using Google Translate to help you write in Polish.

Hope this helps. 

Naomi Leon
Brighton, UK

LEWKOWICZ, RYWAN, LASKY, BERGER, WRON, FAJBISIEWICZ (Rawa Mazowiecka, Aleksandrow Lodzki, Lodz)