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I've just come across an ancestry hint that my ggm's brother, Chaim Isser Bornstein born 1869 (though there are various spellings of the surname including BERENSZTEJN in a Russian language record), featured in the 'New York, U.S., Arriving Passenger and Crew Lists (including Castle Garden and Ellis Island), 1820-1957'.
I haven't done any research into American records so if there is anyone experienced who can advise me how to find records for him and what sort of records I am likely to be able to locate I would be very grateful. It would be amazing to find his descendants!!
I posted the above already and was advised to add all the details I know. 
I have no idea when he immigrated to the US or where he immigrated from. 
The only information I have on him is his birth record from Szreńsk in Poland. Born on 23 October 1869. On his birth record his father Szmuel Mortko Bernstein(sp!) was 20 years old. His unmarried mother was Ryfka Bialystok, 22. 
His sisters were Chana born 1876 in Szrensk and Eidla (Udl in a Russian document and Adele in later life in the UK) born in 1877 in Szrensk.
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I would start with, which has many tools including ways to research ship manifests. The ship's manifest can tell you to whom he was travelling and the address. You can also check census records, marriage, death, and other records through that one free website. 
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Mark Shapiro shows, after a free registration, the passenger ship arrival record of a 36-year-old Chaim Bornstein in 1904.  See

Mark Shapiro
New York, NY

Stephen Manos

 how to find records for him and what sort of records I am likely to be able to locate
If he remained in the US, you might try
1910, 1920 US Census
WW1 Draft Cards
FindAGrave or Billion Graves websites
City Directories for New York or other metro areas

Stephen Manos