Seeking Jewish children born 1943 in Saint Martin Vésubie, Alpes-Maritimes, France #france

David Bernheim

During the Italian occupation of the Alpes-Maritimes in France in 1943, the area was a relative haven for Jews. Around a thousand live in Saint Martin Vésubie, in the Alps north of Nice, until they fled in September 1943 to escape the arrival of the German army after the Italian Armistice with the Allies was announced.
Between April 1943 and August 1943, twelve births of Jewish children are recorded in Saint Martin Vésubie. Of these: five were deported, four are known to have survived. The fate of three others is unknown. I am seeking information on those whose fate is unknown and of anyone else connected in 1943 to Saint Martin Vésubie.
Children who were deported:
  1. KOCH, Nicole Michelle, b 22 July 1943, f Leo Koch, m Erna STEINBACK
  2. LORBE, Eveline Anne, b 12 July 1943, f Oscar LORBER, m Eugenie HIRSHAULT
  3. LOWENWIRTOVA, Nadia, b 19 July 1943, m Gizella LOWENWIRTOVA
  4. MARIEMBERG, Simone, b 25 June 1943, b Isaac MARIEMBERG, m Chava MARIEMBERG
  5. SZATKOWNIK, Daniel, b 13 July 1943, f Daniel(?) SZATKOWNIK, m Betty GALANT
Children who survived:
  1. BARAN, Silvie, b 18 July 1943, f Abraham BARAN, m Golda BLAYMAN
  2. HESS, Carole, b 18 April 1943, f Richard HESS, m Charlotte Josephine WAGNER
  3. SCHENKEL, Henry-Chaim, b 04 July 1943, m  SCHENKEL Margulie Elias, f Sara SHANGER, (died)
  4. SIDELSKY, Claudine, b 06 May 1943, f Abraham SIDELSKY, m Chaye EPPELBAUM
Seeking traces of children whose fate is unknown:
  1. MAYER, Léon, b 19 June 1943, f Jacob MARIEMBERG (lastname correct?), m Ettel FUX
  2. ROSEMBLAUM, Michelle Danielle, b 31 July 1943, f Isaac ROSEMBLAUM, m Malka JUNGERMAN
  3. SPIEGEL, Olga Francette, b 05 June 1943, f Guglielmo SPIEGEL, m Gittel JACUBOWVIC
Our Association pour la Mémoire de l'Été 1943 (AME 43) documents the history of the Jews of Saint Martin Vésubie, connects with their descendants and organises events to remember the period and those that helped the Jews. 
David Bernheim, President of l'Association pour la Mémoire de l'Été 1943 (AME 43)
06450 St Martin Vésubie, France