Seeking Researcher In Romania for Votkana, Bucharest, Barlad and Lasi #romania


My Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother are Abraham Rosenzweig and Rebecca Solomon.  Rebecca's Naturalization Records reflect that they were born in Votkana on May 16, 1850 and December 15, 1860, respectively.  They were married in Votkana in 1876.  Their children are Clara (1876), Joseph (1880), Morris (1882), Benjamin (1886), Ethel (1886) and Charles (1888).  Records show that they lived in Bucharest, Barlad, lasi and possibly Neamt.  Thank you for any help.

Sandy Nadler
Honolulu, Hawaii

Marshall Lerner

I can put you in touch with Sorin Goldenberg, a researcher that we used to find birth/death/marriage records for our family in Neamt, Roman & Darabani.  His colleague Luc Radu is very active on the JewishGen blog. Private email me.


I would appreciate any contact information that you could provide.  Thanks for your help.

Sandy Nadler


Votkana does not sound as any location in Romania. Many Jews which lived in the mid/late 1800 in the places you listed may have come from, say, current Ukraine. If their children were born in any of the listed placed, except Bucuresti, we may be able to help. Join the FB group Jewish Genealogy in Romanian Moldova.

Luc Radu
Great Neck, NY

Peninah Zilberman


I can assist on Barlad and Iasi

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Peninah Zilberman



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Dear Marshall,
I would be very grateful if you could kindly e-mail me ( bdw_29@... ) the e-mail addresses to contact Sorin Goldenberg and Luc Radu personally.  I have very little information but am trying to trace the childhood, marriage and emigration details for my great-grandparents, Barnet and Rebecca Horam, probably from Transylvania, who moved to London, UK around 1900. Thank-you very much from Beth Wilson, Northumberland, UK.