Seeking Set of Mannemer Newsletters - update #germany

Ronald Killian

I would like to submit the following message for publication in the Discussion Group, as an update to my 23 March inquiry (copy below).

Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide us every day.

Ron Killian


Subject: Seeking Set of Mannemer (Mannheim) Newsletters #Germany

On 23 March I posted a request seeking the location of a complete set of “Mannemer Newsletter”, published by Bianca Zwang HIRSCH. The 42 Mannheim, Germany-oriented newsletters were published from January 1991 through December 2014. I want to acknowledge and offer my thanks and appreciation to the replies from Werner FRANK and Reuven MOHR, and especially from Edward David LUFT, who led me to the complete set in the Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) library in New York City. My discussions with Tracey FELDER at LBI and Bianca’s son Clifford HIRSCH have resulted in an agreement between LBI and Mr. Hirsch that grants LBI permission to digitize its set of newsletters and to post them on its website. This process may take a number of months to complete, as the project had to be included in the LBI queue of documents to be digitized, but I am most grateful to both parties for this arrangement.


One more request: Ms. Felder told me that one newsletter, #41 from 2014, is missing from its collection. While I am checking possible sources for Issue #41, if anyone knows where to find that one particular issue, please contact me privately. Thank you again for the Discussion Group’s invaluable assistance and support.

Ronald Killian

Newton Centre, MA




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Subject: Seeking Set of Mannemer Newsletter


Subject: Seeking Set of Mannemer (Mannheim) Newsletters #Germany


I am seeking a complete set of the “Mannemer Newsletter”, a periodic, stapled newsletter by and for Mannheim, Germany survivors and their descendants. My mother Renate/Renee ENGEL and her parents escaped from Mannheim in June 1939, made it to England two days before Hitler invaded Poland, and arrived in the US in September 1940. The newsletter was published by Bianca Zwang HIRSCH of San Francisco, CA. There were at least 40 issues dating from 1990 to at least 2012. I have most of the newsletters from Fall 1999 (#18) to Fall/Winter 2012 (#40) but would like to obtain a complete set to digitize and make available online, possibly on JewishGen to accompany the “Reflections By Jewish Survivors From Mannheim”, published in 1990 by Robert KAHN, who allowed me to provide an electronic copy that has been included on the JewishGen Yizkor Book site. Last year I tried to contact Bianca, offering to scan the complete set, but sadly she and her husband had died in 2020 and 2019 respectively, and their children do not have a set of the newsletters. I do not need the paper set, if a subscriber does not want to send it to me. I will cover the cost of the subscriber’s scanning the set. Please reply to me privately at ronskillian@... . Thank you for helping me preserve and make available these memories.

Ronald Killian, Newton Centre, MA