SEEKING VILNA UEZD Research Group Members and Funds #lithuania


Dear LitvakSIG,JewishGenners, and Worldwide JGS members,

The purpose of this message is to repeat the solicitation for members for a
group researching the VILNA, Lithuania uezd, not the whole of VILNA Gubernia.
This district includes the following:

The City of VILNA

Towns in the first uchazstok [subdistrict]

Boguslaviski, Gedrovitz,
Gelvon, Intkurkes, Maishagola, Mikaliskes, Moliat, Musnik, Nemenchin,
Paberzhe, Shirvint, Tsiobikishi, Verkiai;

and in the second uchazstok:
Bystritsa, Ilya, Mitskunai, Redamina, Rukoiniai,
Shalchininkai, smusk, Varniai, Yoniskis

We currently are seeking people interested in this uezd willing to participate
and contribute so that we may purchase, translate, and make available the data
from a mid 19th Century Revision List for this district.


There are many reasons for trying to obtain revison lists which were kept on
an uyezd (district) basis: to provide as complete a census as possible for
every single person; you can trace brothers, sisters and other relatives of
ancestors you did not know existed but who become apparant. You are given the
patronymic of the men (at least). This takes you back at least one more

Revision Lists for districts also prove the case pattern of families being
areas, not just towns. Our ancestors moved for purposes of marriage,
education, employment, to avoid conscription, etc. When daughters married
they became members of their husband's households, and were subsequently
listed on revision lists in that way. Sometimes a man married into a
wealthier or more respected, perhaps rabinical family, and took the surname of
the bride. These things are shown in Revision Lists.


We are now collecting funds for this effort. The benchmark donation for this
is US$ 100 - 200. Any amount, whether it is $25 or $50 is welcome. Individuals
should donate based on their level of interest and participation in this
group. We are seeking these funds now such that we can proceed within a short
time to begin the procurement, followed shortly by the translation and data
entry tasks.

Early organizational efforts asked that checks be sent to uyezd coordinators.
Now we want you to send ALL funds for VILNA Uezd research projects to:

Peggy Freedman
LitvakSIG Treasurer
245 Dalrymple Road, Atlanta, GA 30328

Make the checks out to LitvakSIG and note what the contribution is for in the
Memo field of the check [VILNA UEZD Research Group]

3.REPORT >from PEGGY FREEDMAN <peggyf@...> Re: Foreign Currency

We are receiving many questions about making donations in various foreign
currencies. I can not give one, universal answer, but I would like to
share my experience so far.

We have deposited checks drawn on British banks (in pounds) and Canadian
banks (in US dollars) Our bank refused to exchange a check for Israeli
shekls, saying that the fees might be more than the amount of the check
(150 shekels). Some people have said that they will purchase US dollar
denominated traveler's checks and send them, but I have not received any of
these yet. If you have done this successfully, please let me know what to
advise people!

If there are any readers who have accounts in both US dollars and their
local currency (especially Israel!), and are willing to exchange funds for
our members, please let me know privately at peggyf@....


As to the (tax deductable) contributions - the various uezd research groups
have asked for $100 to $200 contributions (and have in some cases received
very much more) because buying a revision list is an "all or none" process.
You either have the funds to acquire it and pay for it's translation or you
don't. But nobody has been or will be turned away who wanted to make $25
contributions which was what they could afford or justify in terms of their
personal interest in an uyezd." [End of David Hoffmans comments]

David Hoffman
Co-Coordinator, LitvakSIG

If you have not already done so, please contact me about participating and
contributing to the Vilna uezd research group [re translation, data entry,
etc.] at the following address:

Joelrat@... and include your

1.Full name
2. Address
3. Telephone
4. Fax
5.E -mail
6.Town/s of interest in Vilna district
7. Surname/s of interest in the Vilna district.
8. Pledge amount [US$ only accepted]
9. Participation - translation, data entry, etc.

Do not forget to send your check which satisfies the pledge amount you notify
me of to Peggy Freedman at the address previously given.


If you haven't already done so this would be a good time to include payment
for your fiscal 1999 LitvakSIG dues (July 1 - June 30) - $36 (double chai) for
regular members, $75 for sustaining members, $100 for patron members. This
should also be sent to Peggy Freedman at the above address. Please make out a
separate check for this and note in the memo field these funds are for
LitvakSIG annual dues.

6. JGS's - Please distribute this message to your members

Thank you.

Joel Ratner
Vilna Uezd group Coordinator