Sephadic surnames Almoslino, Almosnino etc and concusion from where in Spain they origin #sephardic

johan haesert

Hello, I have for a long time been searching for the origin of a family Almoslino of sephardic origin. I thought that the letter AL in the beginning of the surname indicated a muslin connection and that led me to think that they lived in the Ottoman Kingdom in the south before going to Belgrade. Now it seems that there are families, for example with the surname Almosnino/Almosini etc  that haveno connection to the muslin areas. One of the more famous representatives Joseph Almosnino´s (1642-89) relatives come from Aragon in the north east of Spain. Perhaps it is not possible to draw any conclusion from a specific surname, to know more from where in Spain they have their origin?
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Johan Haesert

Jonathan Wexler

Almosino is an Arabic name.

People move. Jews, in the middle ages and renaissance moved a lot.

The Almosino's moved all over Italy and the Ottoman Empire. Sephardim lived everywhere the Ottomans moved.

Unless they recorded it and it survived with the family, you are unlikely to find the town of origin on the Iberian peninsula.

My family name is Hasson. We came from "Spain" and were settled on the Island of Rhodes when the Sultan sheltered them after the expulsion of 1492. What route we took and where we had lived is unknown. Most Sephardim, not all, do not know which town they came from. Good luck in your research.
Jonathan Wexler


I’m connected to an Almasan (with diacritical marks on the middle a and the s) family from Romania that I don’t know much about. I wonder whether that’s the same surname as Almosini. 

Susan Slusky
Highland Park, NJ