Sephardic instruments popular in Bodrum and Rhodes #general #sephardic

Tony Romano

ve been falling in love with Sephardic music - durme durme, guidados de berenjena, adios keridos ....
I would like to learn how to play an instrument my ancestors played and wanted suggestions.   I have been considering the saz or lute.  Please share your suggestions and what folks in Bodrum Turkey and the Island of Rhodes would have played -- this is where my grandparents were from -- My grandmother Sara Beton from Rhodes and my Grandfather Abraham Romano from Bodrum..  
With love and gratitude,
Anthony Romano
Atlanta GA

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Leon Taranto

I am Rhodesli, and from Atlanta. My mother had an uncle, born in the 1880s in Izmir, who played a pear-shaped string instrument, an oud, which is of Middle Eastern origin. It variously has from 9-10 to about 13 strings. Since the Jewish community of Rhodes was, before the island’s transfer to Italy in 1912, very closely connected to the much larger community of Izmir, the oud might have been popular also on Rhodes. HIs mother, by the way, was from Rhodes, from a Capelluto-Alhadeff family. My mother’s family is largely from Izmir, and before that from Rhodes. My father’s family, similarly and conversely, is largely from Rhodes, and before that from Izmir.

Leon Taranto
Rockville, MD


Typical Sephardic instruments would have included oud, saz, violin, mandolin, santouri or kanun.

Joel Ackerman