Start you New Year with a JewishGen Education Class #general #announcements #education

Nancy Holden

Fresh Start January 9 - 29 $60.

JewishGen Education has 2 places left in the new Fresh Start Class being offered at a beta price of $60 (compare it to our other private mentored classes which are $150 for three weeks).

This beginner class has an emphasis on United States Research. It is a great class for Begin or Begin Again for those missing a passenger manifest or  hard to find family members.


Read more about what is included in this three week class. 
These are 5 lessons you will refer to and be glad they are in your library of resources.


No set hours, Class is open 24 / 7. An instructor is available much of the time to answer questions and give directions.

If you have questions, 

Nancy Holden
Director of Education