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Steven Lotkin

I have my fathers Student Record book from Friedrich Wilhelms Univ zu Berlin dated 1932-1934. His book has the names of his Professors, Classes of Study as well as other student information. Should any-1 like to see any of the pages, please contact me by email to my home address. This record book has my fathers PHD classes. 
His PHD diploma has the Nazi insignia on it. I request some personal information be covered. I would also appreciate a translation since I last had German language classes in the 1980s. Consider me extremely rusty in German.

1. Would any of these listed Professors my father had be close friends to Albert Einstein (Years 1932-1933)? 
2. Would any of the Professors also Immigrated to the US?
3. Were any of these Professors instrumental in WW2 German efforts?
4. Were any of these Professors Jewish?

My email address is stlotkin@....

Thank you for posting this in the German Discussion Group.
Steve Lotkin
Las Cruces, NM

Steven Lotkin

Also should any-1 in Germany with a parent/grandparent graduating around 1934,1935,1936 with my father, please contact me.
My fathers' name is Max Lotkin (Born Copenhagen 1911). I would love to hear from you. Can you also reply in English since my
comprehension of the German language is very weak.

Some of my fathers' professors; (1932)
Prof E. Schmidt Fundamentals of Theory
Dr. (Either G or J) Feigl  - Differential of Geometry
Prof Hammenstein
Prof Heltner - Mechanics
Dr. E Pollaczek
Prof Shrodinger - Physics
Dr Diem

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Steven Lotkin

Steven Lotkin

I am also requesting that anyone residing in Germany, who may have had a parent or grandparent attend Friedrich Wilhelms Univ zu Berlin
contact me.  My father attended there 1932-1934. A previous entry has the Professors' names for his classes. I am interested in who was my fathers'
classmates in those years. Since my comprehension of the German languaes is limited, could response be in English? Maybe the school admin might have
records from the 1930s and also from this school.  Look at the previous entry for Professors and the years there.

Hoping to hear from as many as possible.
Steve Lotkin

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Mike Coleman

That would have been the Nobel laureate Erwin Schrodinger famous for, amongst other things, his cat.


Mike Coleman   London U.K.

Eva Lawrence

Lotkin's list of philosophy professors at Berlin Friedrich Wilhelm university in the period 1932-1933 Carl Schrödinger the physics professor emigrated first to England and then to Ireland, but I can't find any evidence that he was Jewish..

He like Albart Einstein, was at the forefront of the new approach to physics at the time, and in Ronald Clark's biography of Einstein, Schrödinger has a three-line entry., but none of te other names are listed.

I had the privilege of hearing Carl Schrödinger speak about his famous cat-in-a-bag proposition at an international cybernetics conference in Austria in 1953.

Eva Lawrence,

St Albans, UK


Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Mike Coleman

Hi Eva :

His full name was Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger - see the above Wiki entry.

As for his cat, see


Mike Coleman   London U.K.