Surname research in Poland - Augustin, Kaufman, Stachowicz #poland


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I am in the process of creating a family tree and reached a brick wall with my great (x6) grandma, who is said to be Jewish. Her name was Magdalena/מאַדעלין Augustin, she married a Josephus/Jozef and died in 1861. They had a daughter, Franciska/Franciszka, together. I am researching Magdalena's possible roots in the Kaufman family from the same region (lesser Poland, Ujanowice/Sechna) or Stachowicz, the name a Jewish family went by after their christening. Would any of you know anything about her? 

I would appreciate any help, 

Olga Musiał

Michele Lock

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Do you have any records that state Magdalena was Jewish, or is this something that you found in another person's family tree? 

It is not quite clear about the name of this woman, from what you wrote. Is Magdalena Augustin her married name, or was this her name before marriage, or is Augustin meant to be the woman's name Augustina? The name you have in Hebrew letters spells out Madeline; both Magdalena and Madeline are unusual names for a Jewish woman from that time, unless she converted to Christianity and chose a new name. 

Likewise, do you have records that show the Stachowicz family was once Jewish?

Michele Lock

Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock and Kalon/Kolon in Zagare/Joniskis/Gruzdziai, Lithuania
Lak/Lok/Liak/Lock in Plunge/Telsiai in Lithuania
Rabinowitz in Papile, Lithuania and Riga, Latvia
Trisinsky/Trushinsky/Sturisky and Leybman in Dotnuva, Lithuania
Olitsky in Alytus, Suwalki, Poland/Lithuania
Gutman/Goodman in Czestochowa, Poland
Lavine/Lev/Lew in Trenton, New Jersey and Lida/Vilna gub., Belarus


Hi Olga

Did you find the marriage record of Magdalena and Josephus? It is important to know all information which is written in this marriage record.
If Magdalena was the person who converted, did you find her baptism record? Again it is important to know all information in this baptism record.
Usually baptism records of people who converted from Judaism to Christianity contain their names before and after the baptism an their place of origin.
Unfortunately I can't help you with researches in the Online Archives of Poland, because I'm not familiar with these Archives


Corinne Iten