SZMUL, WYSZKOWSKI, Siedlce, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


Dear JewishGenners:


The March 21, 2023 edition of the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carried a legal notice from the Regional Court in Siedlce, First Civil Division, regarding a claim by one Przemysław Bednarczyk, along with Grażyna Elżbieta Bednarczyk and Katarzyna Bednarczyk, de facto possessors of the following properties.  The owners of record are four members of the Bednarczyk family and:


Rafal SZMUL and




The property in question is designated as “jedn. ewid. 146401_1.M.Siedlce, nr ewid 50-36/3” consisting of 0.0486 hectares (0.120 acres) and registered as “Hip. 474” and “nr ewid. 50-36/4” consisting of 0.0185 hectares (0.046 acres) and registered as “Hip. 669.”


The Court asks that any heirs to the above-named or anyone with knowledge of the whereabouts of the above-named or their heirs contact the Court directly within three months of the publication of the notice.  In contacting the Court on this matter, reference should be made to Docket No. I Ns 425/21.


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Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

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Steven Turner

There is a facebook group run by Yaacov Slizak on Jews from Siedlce. You may want to post this there.

Dr. Steven S. Turner
President, Gesher Galicia