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Amy Eisenberg, Ph.D.

Shanah Tovah dear honorable colleagues,

Shalom Aleichem

I would like to trace my Ukrainian roots. My great grandfather and great grandmother are from Odesa. Louis Eisenberg and Esther Eisenberg. My grandpa was Philip Eisenberg and he was born in Ukraine. My great grandma, Bayla Koblinsky was from Ukraine and her daughter Lena was born in Baltimore. Lena Koblinsky married Philip Eisenberg in New York City. They lived in the Bronx. My Mom, Mildred Eisenberg was born in Stryj, Poland. Her mother, Grandma Frieda Stern was born in Stryj, Poland. Her maiden name was Frieda Feuerstein. Grandma married Kiva Stern.Grandma’s mother, my great grandma was Malka Leitner. She died young in the Typhus epidemic. My Mom, Mildred Eisenberg came to America when she was 3 years old. Her maiden name was Stern. Mom married my Dad, Solomon Eisenberg in New York.

Blessings in your valuable work. I am a bit overwhelmed to research this! I am named after my great grandfather, Abraham from Stryj, Poland.

Stay healthy, safe and strong,


Amy Eisenberg, Ph.D.

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Susan Watchman

Dates, even rough ones/guesses will help. 
Susan Watchman
Phoenix, Az