The Jews of Barbados #general

Simon Kreindler

The stories of the forty families who escaped Europe and built the Ashkenazi Jewish community of Barbados in the 1930s and 40s are set out in "Peddlers All, Stories of the First Ashkenazi Jewish Settlers in Barbados." Also included are the stories of other Ashkenazim who arrived on the island after WWII. Many of these stories include extensive genealogical data.
I have recently also published "The Sephardi Jews of Barbados (1627-1934)." Both books are available on Amazon.
Simon Kreindler

Professor Ryesky

Freddie Mann, the guy who wrote the check to build the eponymous auditorium in Tel Aviv, was the first U.S. Ambassador to Barbados.  He was born in my grandfather's hometown of Gomel, and made his fortune in my hometown of Philadelphia.
Ken Ryesky