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Bruce Drake

The title “Our Child Saved Us” from the Yizkor book of Voronovo (Belarus) sums up what this week’s excerpt is about. It is Kay Lisorki’s story of how she and her husband survived the ghettos and later the hardships they faced after they fled to the forest and had to constantly keep moving because of frequent Nazi raids.
I puzzled over this chapter, trying to decide whether such a young child actually spoke the things Lisorki attributed to him, or whether this was something figurative: that the love they had for their child and his courageous demeanor was what kept her and her husband going, and the words he said were those she heard in her mind. The boy was 1 year and 22 days old when the story begins; the writer does not say how much time the story spanned.
“On the dark wandering roads during the days of Nazi horror we suffered a lot of hunger, dampness, and cold that broke our souls and spirit. But he, the tiny little man, suffered all those things with the patience and spirit of a grownup man, and even better.
“And so because of him and thanks to him we survived.”

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

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