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Bruce Drake

“Jews and Christians — The Relationship between Neighbors” from the Yizkor book of Edineţ (Moldova) describes a kind of peaceful co-existence that lasted for a time between the two communities, although it was always an uneasy one for the Jews. For the Christians, it was another story: “When a Jew, whether a young boy or an adult wandered into the Christian quarter, he did not feel at ease. On the other hand, the Christians felt quite fine among the Jews.”
Part of the balance derived from what each side provided for the other. The food produced by the Christian farmers was a key element in the economy and Christians did a variety of tasks for the Jews. A Christian was postman; he was the one who heated the oven in the winter Sabbath early mornings in the Jewish homes; he was the guard of the Jewish cemetery; he would guard the memorial candles lit in the courtyards on Shabbat and the Jewish holidays; he was the cowherd for the herd of cows. As for the Christians, they had to come to the Jews to acquire clothing, shoes, haberdashery, baked goods, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks.
But this state of affairs was not to last because of the jealousy the Christians felt over the wealth, and the lifestyle of the Jews. “Many of them harbored evil plans in their hearts and waited for the day when they would be able to have a pogrom and steal all the Jewish possessions.”

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

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