tracing relatives that moved to Israel in 1960 #romania

John Hoenig

I’m delighted to say I recently learned my great grandfather’s brother Moses Honig had two children who survived the Holocaust and moved to Israel around 1960. They were originally from the area of Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvar), Transylvania, Romania. I would now dearly love to locate their descendants (if there are any).


My relatives were David Honig and Mali Honig. I found David’s grave. It says David Hoenig was the son of Moshe and Tilah; he died on July 13, 1973 and is buried in Haifa.


I’m not very familiar with research techniques for Israel. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions about how I can learn more.


Many thanks.


John Hoenig

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Aranyosgyeres, Turda, Koloszvar (Cluj-Napoca), Stanislawow, Radautz, Brzezany, Budapest


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Israel P

Does the grave say "my dear father" or "our dear father?"

Valentin Lupu

Hi John,
I was able to find the photo of David's grave in Haifa. Although his mother name is not inscribed, it is probably the person you are looking for. David's age at his death was 73, therefore born in 1900. The inscription says "Here lies my husband, my father, our brother and my dear grandfather". 
In an official publication from March 1974, Robert Honig is declared as David's legal heir. Robert Henig is an known actor in Israel. Here is  a translation of a short biographic note in Hebrew: "Robert Henig (born September 17, 1945 in Transylvania), an Israeli theater and film actor, born in Romania. Henig immigrated to Israel in the 1960s and lived in Haifa with his parents. Married and father of two daughters. He graduated in 1971 at the Beit Zvi Theater School and played in many shows and films."
If you would like a phone number, let me know your personal email address.
Valentin Lupu