Translation from German (maybe Polish?) #poland #names

Jeffrey Grossman

Asking for a friend (really!). He got this from JRI Poland. He believes the middle entry (name= Eisig) may be his maternal grandfather. Neither of us can translate the column headings and certainly not the cursive writing. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! 





Jeffrey Grossman
Redmond WA

Valentin Lupu

1st column: Consecutive number: 282

2nd column: Birth
Day: 12; Month: July; Year: 1897; Place: Schodnica

3rd column: Circumcision
Day: 19; Month: July; Year: 1897; Place: Schodnica

4th column: About the child
Name: Eisig; Gender: male

5th column: illegitimate (means that the parents were married in a religious marriage only , my note)

6th column: First and last name of the father as well as employment and place of residence: 

7th column:
First and last name of the mother, her place of residence then the first and last name of her parents

Sara Rifke Efrusi.....Moses Eichenstein rabbi....Tartakowie

8th column: Godfathers or witnesses
Moses Eichenstein rabbi

9th column: the circumcising
Baruch Rothberg

12th column: Note

Please note that I neither know German nor Polish. I used Google Translate. The handwriting is in cursive Polish so I didn't understand much of it.

Valentin Lupu