Translation Request - possibly Lithuanian? # translation


The following is a page from the Passport of Sima Weinstock and her three children who left Lithuania in 1905, sailing from Liverpool to New York.  
Upon arrival, Sima was hospitalized and subsequently died.
The handwritten portion appears to be written in a language other than Russian. 
I am able to recognize the names and ages of the children: Abraham 10, Schifra 12, and Mera 8.

A translation of the rest of the information, both printed and handwritten, would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
Maureen Kaye


the text is all in Russian.
Issued by Kovno governor 1905 May 17, #943 Russian meshchanin [urban dweller] of Kovno governorate Sima s.o. Isaak Vaynshtok with children: Abram 10 yo, Shifra 12 yo, and Mera 8 yo.  Marked with the stamp to leave the country. [the area for return to the country on the right is not stamped] 
The stamp has a date of June 4 1905.  The upper portion of the stamp says that it was stamped in Libava, which refers to the old name of Liepaya/Liepaja in Latvia, a major Russian Empire port at that time.

Mike Vayser