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Hi, I have posted 4 different documents in Russian, mostly quite short, for which I would greatly appreciate translation help. 

One is a return address on an envelope:

Another is an address to which a parcel was sent

Another consists of the stamps on a passport showing arrival and departure dates (I think) from a visit to Russia in 1963. Any details from the stamps inlcuding dates would help.

The last is a postcard sent to my grandparents from relatives in Russia I believe in 1948.

I would greatly appreciate help with any or all of these. Thanks in advance!

Howard Brown
Stowe, VT



Post company index and sender address:
Kyiv-60, Shchuseva Street 10a, apartment 46. Korchevskaya Natalia, USSR



Ukrainian SSR, Kiev-86, D. Korotchenko Street, 35d, apartment 14. Monastyrsky A.M.



On the left side of the passport:
Moscow city _______Passport
registered since September 18, 1963
to October 2, 1963
Duty Administrator Signature

On the right side of the passport
USSR Departure October 2, 1963
Moscow, Checkpoint

USSR Entry September 18, 1963

Tourist visa #401913
September 9, 1963
USA Schwartz Eva
Enters the USSR in the city of Moscow
Valid for entry into the USSR through the border checkpoint Moscow-Airport
from 5 to 18 September 1963
and for departure from Moscow-Airport
14 (fourteenth) to cross the border
(on a stamp) Consulate of the USSR in the United States of America
The Consular Section
U.S. Consular Officer signature



In Russian:


2 марта 1948 года

Здравствуйте дорогие: тетя и дядя. Ваше письмо мы получили, за которое вам очень благодарны. Вы нас извините, что мы так долго отвечали. Меня постигло большое несчастье - умер отец. Когда вы писали нам письма то папа всегда их читал. А теперь нет кого-нибудь, чтобы могли прочитать ваше письмо. Теперь мы нашли человека, который может писать по еврейски. Дорогие тетя и дядя, вашу посылку с детскими вещами, которую вы нам выслали, мы получили. Все отдали для маленькой сестрички. Мы вам очень благодарны, что вы нас не забываете. Мы еще получили посылку с мазой, но, к сожалению, она пришла после паски. Больше мы посылок не получали. Дорогие тетя и дядя, бы пишите..


Translated into English:


March 2, 1948
Hello dear aunt and uncle. We have received your letter, for which we are very grateful. Please forgive us for taking so long to answer. I suffered a great misfortune - my father died. When you wrote letters to us, dad always read them. And now there is no one to read your letter. Now we have found a person who can write and read in Yiddish. Dear aunt and uncle, we have received your parcel with children's things that you sent to us. Everything was given for the little sister. We are very grateful to you that you do not forget us. We also received a parcel with a matzo, but, unfortunately, it came after Passover. We have not received any more packages. Dear aunt and uncle, would you write ...

Translated By Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL