Trying to find information about Great Grandparents in Austria and Romania #austria-czech #romania


I have identified but am not sure if these are the actual names of my paternal great grand parents.  The ones from Austria (around the 1850s) were Leopold Simon and Paulino (a) Klug.  My grandmother’s  mother was possibly Anni Brenner Stipler around 1850 in Romania. 
Any suggestions re how to confirm and/or if anyone might also be researching these people would be welcomed.

Thank you.
Alice Simon Berger

Brian Weste

A fun place to start is JewGen's Romania site, great information, and possible leads. Rom-SIG Newsletters (
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Leopold was a common European civil name for men named Aryeh Leib or Yehuda Leib. In Hungarian Leopold was often called Lipot. so when looking at family records or gravestones keep an eye open for these names.
Paulina maybe a civil name for the Yiddish female names of Peryl or Tzipora Faige. These are not rules just sharing what I have come across as common usage among our people.
Anna maybe Channa. The last name Stipler maybe written in various countries or languages as Stiphler or Steipler or Shteipler or Sztifler. Surname spellings varied in different dialects even within the same country. 
I have met people named Klug and kluger and Kleiger. In other words surnames aren't exact in every location so keep an open mind in your research 
You may want to repost your query and include cities or towns they were from or where the more recent generations of their descendants immigrated to. has extensive Jewish community records online for Vienna and smaller towns in Burgenland. You may want to look up Leopold Simon there.
Good luck! 

Shimon Sporn of Beit Shemesh, Israel (formerly of New York)
Researcher # 57380
Perl, Margolies, Itzkowitz, Lehrer families from Kisvarda, Fenyeslitke, Ustilug,
Leher- Rozenberg families of Hrubieszów Galicia Edmondton, London
Sporn families of Marosorozfalu, Rusii Munti, Saszreghin, Kajla, Besztercze-Naszod
Abraham & Stuhlman families from Pecsetszeg & Kozarvar


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Thank you for posting this link.
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I would try JRI-Poland and for Austria.  Did they ever immigrate to the US.
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Hi Alice

In the 1850ies Austria had a much bigger territory than today, so it's very important to know which part of Austria they came from.
Many Jewish Records of formerly Austrian territories in todays East European countries are online on familysearch.
But most of this records are not indexed, so you can only find them if you search a certain place via catalogue.


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