Unable to find names on passenger lists #names

Harry Moatz

Is it possible that the person you are researching arrived in a different port?  I spent several years attempting to locate a manifest for a grandfather arriving in New York without success.  I knew he lived and died in Manhattan. I used all the strategies that have been suggested to you. 

Thinking out out of the box, I decided to use Steve Morse to search names in manifests in other ports.  I found him in a manifest on a ship that arrived in Philadelphia. Apparently, he got to NY by other means.  Morse also covers manifests for ships arriving in Boston, Baltimore, Charleston and Galveston as well as San Francisco.  It’s worth trying if all else appears to be a dead end.


My maternal grandfather's name was Jacob, he went back to Romania so he is on 2 manifests from there to New York, on one from 1913 he is Janez, the other from 1907 he was Janen. Try using just the first initial of his first name and go directly to Ellis Island records. 

I could never find my paternal great grandparent's on any manifest to the East coast from England. Then I tried border crossings and found the whole family arriving in VT through Canada. 

Good luck!