Unclear Words in Pre-WW1 Military Service File #austria-czech #translation

Yaron Wolfsthal

Dear Group,
I would appreciate help in translating a few words from a pre-WW1 Austrian army service files of a Jewish Soldier:


Thank you - Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel


Would you kindly share where you found this record!
Thank you, 
Sophie Kulaga, 

Yaron Wolfsthal

The record I posted was found in the Austrian War Archive (KriegsArchiv) in Vienna.  

Note, records of servicemen from Galicia can only rarely be found in this archive, since normally records of those soldiers were handed over to the so-called successor states (Poland, Ukraine, etc) after WW1.   In some specific events, however - like MiA, hospitalization, and decorations of soldiers - the KriegsArchiv kept files for recruits from Galicia.  Therefore, be ready to exercise some patience when searching those files.

The KA records are not online and searching these files requires an in-person visit.
Link: https://www.statearchives.gv.at/

Lastly, I haven't looked for a while, but I remember that a small portion of the KA files were scanned by FamilySearch (keyword: "Fond 780").
Regards -Yaron Wolfsthal, Israel