University of Washington students build expertise in Yizkor Book translation #yizkorbooks #translation

Laurence Broun

Last week at the University of Washington in Seattle, students Ofir Horovitz, Noa Etzyon and Eiden Brewer attended the university's Undergraduate Research Symposium to share lessons learned from their work translating the Yizkor Book of Mizoch. Their work has been done under the supervision of Professor Naomi Sokoloff, chair of the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization department. "I am so proud of them," said Sokoloff, "and I saw that lots of people were gathered around their poster and interested in the project." 


These three students are among ten students and faculty at University of Washington contributing to the Yizkor Book project. Working as a team, Horovitz, Etzyon and Brewer translated four chapters, including the heartrending essay The Horrible Days

Other chapters have been translated from the original Hebrew text by students at George Washington University in DC, and from Yiddish by a student at the University of Texas in Austin.
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