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2 upcoming Webinars that may well be of interest. 

I have no connection with either, but felt they would be good info for many in this group.

Both are free the day of.  The first is likely to be free for 7 days following, the second will probably take a week to be posted, but once posted is also usually free for another week. But I recommend trying live if you can.

Dealing with endogamy

by Paul Woodbury    |    Intermediate    |    Advanced    |     DNA     |


General rules of DNA inheritance assume independent genealogical lines. However, cases of endogamy, pedigree collapse and multiple levels of relationship to any given genetic match merit additional considerations for analysis and interpretation. Explore strategies such as segment analysis, targeted testing, anchoring, and variable segment thresholds for overcoming the challenges of endogamy, pedigree collapse or multiple relationships in your DNA test results.

Making Sense of Your Jewish DNA Results

Presented by Adina Newman, EdD on 27 October 2020.

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This presentation will focus on the basics of understanding and interpreting Jewish DNA results from the major testing companies. The format will highlight common beliefs and misconceptions related to analyzing these results and provide context and strategies to promote successful research when working with these cases.

Adina Newman, EdDAdina Newman, EdD, is the owner of My Family Genie, where she assists clients with their research and blogs about her own family history. Her main interests are in Jewish genealogy, genetic genealogy, and New England. She has a doctorate in educational leadership and the certificate in genealogical research from Boston University. Adina has completed SLIG Virtual All-DNA Advanced Practicum and Advanced Methodology & Evidence Analysis at IGHR. She was a 2020 recipient of the AncestryProGenealogists scholarship. She volunteers as a Facebook moderator for a Jewish genetic genealogy group and is the Social Media Coordinator for NextGen Genealogy Network.

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