Update on Alexander Dunai’s Ukraine War Efforts #ukraine

Carol Reisman

 Dear Fellow JewishGenners,


Many of you know Alex Dunai personally as I do, as outstanding researcher and Ukraine tour guide, valued speaker at Jewishgen conferences, and trusted friend. You may have also read about his efforts to help his country as soon as the war began.


But .. as many months have passed and the war grinds on, you may not be fully aware of Alex’s ongoing and critical work since Day 1. 


Alex and family are working tirelessly, focusing on filling essential needs that are either overlooked by the government, or not being met sufficiently by official organizations. These include buying and delivering medicines, as well as basic equipment like shovels, chain saws, clothing, and other gear. Recently, and very importantly, Alex has been arranging for the purchase of used 4x4 vehicles from around Eastern Europe and UK. These trucks are already helping the army gain better mobility and therefore better success in fighting the Russian forces. They need more of these! 

Also needed are used but working walkie talkie sets with batteries and charging stations such as Motorola DP 4400. Should anyone have connections with military or police who might be able to secure these, please contact - it is an urgent need would help facilitate communication for troops in the field.


This kind of direct and real needs-based work that Alex and other volunteers are doing for specific units on the ground is something we do not hear about in the US when asked to make contributions to Ukraine, yet it is no less important, even if happening on a smaller scale.


Please join in spreading the word, or if you know of additional ways to help secure funding, you may contact Alex privately at aldunai@...



Or contribute through Zelle (best) or Paypal using the address aldunai@... (for both)

Note: At Zelle, Alex is listed as Oleksandr Dunai.


Alex writes:

“We will win and live in peace.

There is no other option.


Thank you, 

Carol Reisman

Fellow JewishGenner