ViewMate Russian to English Translation - 1863 Supplemental Revision List from Labun, Volhynia Gubernia

Emily Garber

I have posted a couple of pages from an 1863 Supplemental Revision List from the town of Labun, Zaslav Uyezd, Volhynia Gubernia. The first image is the left side (male) and the second is the right side (female). There are a total of four names.

I am interested in the names and any information about these people on the pages. I plan to share this information with other Labun genealogy researchers.

The Supplemental Revision List is from Fond 118, Opis 14, Spravi 319. The book has been digitized by Alex Krakovsky and may be viewed in higher resolution on his Wikimedia page at
The pages posted on ViewMate may also be viewed in images 242 and 243.

This past week I posted similar images from another supplemental list for Labun. Several awesome volunteer translators came to my aid. I thanked them all privately. I am very grateful for their help and look forward to additional new information about my town!

Emily Garber
Phoenix, AZ