Where are the archives? #hungary


My paternal grandfather comes >from Varanno (now Vranov, Slovakia). This is in
Zemplen County. I have checked the LDS catalog and so far they have only
listed birth records for his town and province. I am interested in marriage
records and death records as well. Perhaps LDS has not yet microfilmed all
the records that are in existence. I am thinking of taking a trip to Slovakia
this September. Would anyone know where the vital records of Vranov are
located? Would they be in the town or is there a county archive?
Secondly, my paternal grandmother is of Hungarian Jewish ancestry as well. I
have yet to locate her town of origination. It is most likely she comes from
one of the northeast counties , i.e. Zemplen, Saros, or Ung. Does anyone know
where the archives for Saros County and Ung County are located? Wayne Roth,
Brooklyn, New York