Why no check-marks on passenger manifests? #usa #general

Josephine Rosenblum

     As each new immigrant was processed at Castle Garden, Ellis Island, or other reception center, how did officials keep track of who had passed through?  Why didn't the clerk put some sort of check-mark or other mark on his copy of the manifest?  I have never seen a mark on any manifest that I have viewed.  Even a tiny dot would show that a person had been checked for physical or mental problems and had gone through a brief interview.
     Thanks in advance if you know the answer.
Josephine Rosenblum
Cincinnati, OH

Roger Lustig

Check marks were most of what the officials did write on the manifests, and they're generally quite large. What manifests are you referring to?

Roger Lustig
Princeton, NJ USA
research coordinator, GerSIG

Bob Silverstein

Please post an example.  Thanks.