writing to a cemetery in Israel

Wendy Griswold

Dear cousins,

hope you are all well and happily researching.

All I know is that over the years I have gotten better results writing
letters to cemeteries than calling.

So I've got, courtesy of Ancestry,

Chevra Kadisha, Harav Steiglitz (Chairman) Rehov Petah Tikva 12, Netanya 42460.

How would I address an envelope? I think Rehov Petah Tikva 12 might be
the street address of the cemetery but the office might be something
else? Would I address an envelope to Chevra Kadisha, Netanya Israel?

Sorry to be such a bonehead.

And thanks

Wendy Griswold
Jupiter FL
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Nowy Sacz area: Einhorn, Wenzelberg, Shifuldrem (all creative spellings)
Ekaterinoslav/Dniepro: Dwass, Garfinkel

Susan Rosin

Hi Wendy,

12 Petah Tikva street in Netanya is not the cemetery. It is the address of the office of Chevra Kadisha.

Just send to :
Chevrah Kadisha Netanya
Rehov Petah Tikva 12
Netanya, Israel 42460

Israel P

In Israel you don't write to a cemetery. You write to the Hevra Kadisha.

Israel Pickholtz

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