Yeshiva University Student Newspapers From 1935-2000 Digitized and Put Online #usa #announcements

Jan Meisels Allen




Most issues of The Commentator and the YU Observer, Yeshiva’s University two undergraduate student newspapers have been digitized and uploaded online.  They range from 1935 leading up to 2000.  The project is part of the Yeshiva Academic Institutional Repository (YAIR) program, which collects research and scholarship works from YU faculty, staff and students. Currently, all the Commentator issues from 1935-2000 and Observer issues from 1959-1976 have been uploaded.  Observer issues from 1976-2000 will be uploaded in the coming weeks. Thereafter, there are plans to upload the modern issues from 2000-present.  PDFs of Commentator issues from 2015 to the present are available on The Commentator website (


The Commentator’s origins date back to 1935, a time when many Jews were fleeing Europe to escape Nazi Germany. Thereafter, the Commentator covered articles including the horrifying times of the Holocaust, post-Holocaust survivors coming to America, the Israeli War of Independence, McCarythism, the Korean Wars, and beyond.   “The newspapers show an amazing cultural documentary of how the young Modern Orthodox Jewish men felt about these historical events.” Said Stephanie Gross,  YU Librarian of Electronic Reserves.


In 1958, four years after Stern College for Women opened, the YU Observer was founded to give the women of YU a newspaper forum. The Observer especially covered cultural and internal political events that Stern originally faced. In addition to the mainstream articles of both newspapers, the Purim editions of both newspapers have also been uploaded to the repository.


On a personal note, I remember applying to Stern College to start in Fall 1963 but as my Hebrew was basically non-existent, I could not form the simple sentence,” I put my book on the table”, I was advised not to apply!


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Jan Meisels Allen

Chairperson, IAJGS Public Records Access Monitoring Committee