Sephardim in the Atlantic World #events #sephardic By David Mendoza ·
ViewMate requests for translation from Yiddish and Russian requested #translation By Alma Shliom ·
Photo Direct Line Photo (identified through my grandparents) of either Fisher or Taub lines from Slodubda:Vilajampole, Kaunas, Lithuania (Looks a lot like a found Ancestry photo of a 1800s Taub Rabbi from Poland).jpg uploaded By Notification ·
translation please- from German to English #translation By Lin Herz ·
translation from German to English, please #translation By Lin Herz ·
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Looking for information on Klara Ornstein of Lvov- Born 1886 #ukraine #galicia By louismehr20@... ·
February 2021 Summary of IAJGS Records Access Alert #general #jgs-iajgs #records By Jan Meisels Allen ·
Photo Munis, wife & daughter-What happened to Monus' family?.png uploaded By Notification ·
View mate translation: Yiddish Yizkor page #translation By Courtney Klein ·
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Translation from Hungarian to English 3 messages #translation By Alex Magocsi ·
Sender Levin injured in the Russo-Japanese war #russia By GaryPSU ·
Photo Morris Taub (for sure-far left) with Some Taub Brothers (Which Taub Brothers are these?).png uploaded By Notification ·
Photo Odd Fisher Photo.png uploaded By Notification ·
Photo Leah and Jacob and family.png uploaded By Notification ·
Added album Mystery Photos Waiting for Detectives By Notification ·
Friedman in Courland 1825 - 1875 #courland By Judith F. Russell ·
How Weird Are We #general By YaleZuss@... ·
Henia (Greenberg) BER Montreal Quebec Canada/Seeking Obituary or Record of Death #romania #records #canada By sacredsisters1977@... ·
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